UK Sole representative visa latest details - 2022

UK Sole representative visa latest details - 2022

UK is the land of opportunities. People across the globe come to UK to serve their various purposes. Apart from tourism visa applicants are generally students who wish to grant higher education, job seekers both skilled and unskilled professionals, global talented candidates, investors, businessmen etc.  

UK has yet another type of visa i.e., Sole representative visa which allows any company which is outside the EEA/EU can open a branch or subsidiary of its business by sending its senior operational staff in UK. As this visa allows a single representative of the company to get the Visa on behalf of the business, this is also known as “Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa”.

Checkpoints if your company is eligible for Sole Representative Visa UK

  • Your company must be a genuine trading business outside EU/EEA and Switzerland.

  • Your company headquarter should be outside the UK

  • The company should tend to establish a similar branch in the UK that will actively trade in the same business as the parent company.

  • You must have a representative, skilled enough to take strong decisions on behalf of the company and the representative must be in compliance with the below-mentioned traits.

  • Businesses are not allowed to submit applications for two employees to serve as sole representatives. One person may be accepted, and later be able to apply as a sponsor, allowing the second employee to apply in the second tier of the points-based system.

Qualities of the Sole Representative

  • You must be a senior employee

  • You must have the power to make distinctive decisions on behalf of the company

  • You must not have more than 50% of the shares

  • Should be a genuine representative of an overseas business

  • Have the skills, experience, and knowledge of the business necessary to undertake the role of sole representative of the overseas business in the UK

  • Intend to work full-time as a representative of the overseas business

  • He should not have intentions to start his own business or work for any other business alongside.

  • Your intention should not be of taking additional employment

  • You meet the English language requirements and are at least CEFR Level A1 (speaking and listening);

  • You must be financially independent and must have means to accommodate your living in the UK.

The specific requirements you must meet will differ based on the circumstances. It is possible to talk to an immigration lawyer for assistance. Jskilz visas have a team of experts who can guide you best as per your circumstances. You may send your inquiry to Experts will answer you shortly.

Cost of Sole Representative Visa UK

The sole representative visa UK costs approximately £608.

Application of Endorsement= £456 (Stage 1)

Application for Visa= £152* (Stage 2)

Please note that your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) enrolment fee and health surcharge fee are extra, which you need to pay in addition to £608.

How long will it take?

A majority of applicants get a response within three weeks. However, there is also an expedited service in many of the application centres which allows applicants to receive an answer within 5 working days.

You are advised to apply not more than 3 months before you intend to travel for your convenience.

How to apply for the UK Sole Representative Visa in UK?

The application to apply for the Sole Representative Visa must be completed online unless you're located in North Korea. Alongside the documentation required and other documents, you'll also have to submit your biometric data (i.e., fingerprints and pictures). They can be taken at your local Visa application center.

You and the business that you work for must submit a lengthy list of documentation when applying for a Sole Representative Visa. We at jskilz visas are partnered with UK solicitors who will assist you in collating the required documents and address any queries UK Visas and Immigration may ask about them.

Benefits of UK Sole Representative Visa

  • Get a 2-year Visa extension

  • Get British Nationality after 6 years

  • Get free schooling for dependent children

  • Get free medical treatment for the family under NHS

  • After five years of being in the UK, the representative can apply for Indefinite leave to remain (ILR).

Documents needed for Sole Representative Visa UK

  • If you're applying to become a sole representative of the Overseas Business, you will require a variety of documents to back up your application.

  • It is essential to have a solid business plan that clearly outlines the objectives that the company's parent as well as in addition, the reasons why the business requires an official representative in the UK

  • An agreement of employment between Sole Representative and the employing company

  • You'll need proof that the Sole Rep has spent at least 12 consecutive months.

  • An appointment letter from the parent firm that explains the reason why the representative has been delivered to the UK

  • The accounts for the company that is its parent as well as other evidence to demonstrate its authenticity as a real company that was established overseas

  • Signed and completed and signed 1 (Investor) Application form

  • Documents that support your investment

  • Original passport with valid validity and any passports that are expired you have in your possession

  • Original valid biometric residence permit

  • Two passport photos from a new passport

  • The evidence you need to prove that you can provide for you as well as your family members (e.g., bank statements)

  • The details of your hotel in the UK

  • Evidence of your proficiency in English

  • The tuberculosis test results will be positive are valid if you're in a country where you must take the test.

  • A comprehensive overview of your business, the activities it does as well as its liabilities and assets and other financial accounts

  • A letter from the company confirming that it will establish a wholly-owned branch office or subsidiary in the UK

  • The job's description of your position, your salary, and evidence of your ability to take independent decisions on behalf of the company

  • Evidence that you are employed by the business and not just an agent

  • Evidence that you worked outside of the UK and you are working exclusively for the company which is sending you to the country.

How Brexit has affected the UK’s immigration system?

In the very correct way, the Brexit has affected the Sole Representative Visa. Because of this now, the EU and non-EU citizens will be treated non partially. However, the good news is that this has created a huge opportunity for foreign businesses who had been looking for potential expansion opportunities within the UK. Overseas businesses can now send a representative to the UK to study and capture the market while they can plan and test out different ways to make a name for themselves.

This new immigration law will be beneficial to companies, particularly those who have an education with a degree in STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical Sciences.

How long can I stay in the UK with a Sole Representative Visa?

In the event that your petition is accepted If your application is approved, you will receive the right to stay within the UK for three years. If you wish to stay for longer, you must seek an extension by making an application to stay for an additional two years. To be eligible for this application and receive the extension you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be employed by the same employer by the time you arrived in the UK with this visa.

  • The primary and headquarters of your employer's registration address must be located outside of the UK.

  • You must prove that your company has carried forward activities, and has generated commercial relationships (principally with UK companies) for the benefit of your employer prior to being granted the visa.

  • You need to show that you're receiving the salary of your employer.

Can a Sole Representative of an Overseas Business bring family members to the UK?

A sole representative from the Overseas Business can bring family members from abroad in the UK including spouse or civil partner, unmarried or same-sex partner, and any child younger than 18 years old.

Unfortunately, Sole Representatives of Overseas Businesses are not allowed to bring their siblings, parents, or any other family members from the extended family.

What to do if a Sole Representative visa is refused?

In the case, where your sole representative visa or its extension is refused, you have the right of requesting for Administrative Review and, potentially an additional Judicial Review. Also, in case, you are not aware of the issues your visa application us being facing then you should contact us at

You should contact our team, as they will analyse the reasons for your refusal and prepare you with the best legal advice and representation. As we at Jskilz visas are partnered with UK Solicitors, this gives the visa seeker an additional benefit and thus increases the success rate to a much greater extent.

We hope it was worth giving the precious time to read the whole article, however for further queries feel free to ask our experts.

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