Venezuelan lady who overstayed her visa was able to regularise her stay in the UK

Venezuelan lady who overstayed her visa was able to regularise her stay in the UK

We met our client, a Venezuelan lady, namely, Ms. Maxula Lopez, when she was terrified about a fear of being removed any time and constantly worrying about her wellbeing. Her story isn’t much unusual than the thousands of overstayers being regularly sent back to their home country after Home Office enforcement actions take place randomly.

She has been referred to us by one of her friends and we looked at the brief history of her stay in the UK. We were also made aware that she has been given no hope by previous immigration solicitors she consulted with. She initially arrived here on a visitor visa and overstayed after the visa expired. She was living with her partner, who is a Colombian national, who is lawfully settled in the UK. However her past record of overstaying her visa period was not getting them anywhere. They intend to marry.

The first thing we have advised her that she can apply as a partner or spouse of a settled person either from inside the UK (provided she shows it is majorly difficult to return to her country and come back) or can apply for entry clearance from outside of the UK after they marry each other.

Ms. Lopez preferred to voluntarily return on her own expenses to her home country, which is a right step to prove that she is following immigration rules. However, she was concerned about receiving a ban on her return to the UK due to her past record of overstay.

We assured her after fully assessing her case that she can secure her lawful re-entry to the UK and there will be no ban on her return to the UK. She followed our advice and married her partner in Colombo. She applied for a spouse visa right after her marriage and obtained entry clearance within a month.

We were not sure if she went back to Venezuela with complete confidence, but she did follow the course of actions advised by Mr. Arnab Sen. But she returned to the UK with full confidence and a lawful status in hand.

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