Youth Mobility Visa Scheme 2022  for Indians - UK Opens its doors to Young Indian citizens

Youth Mobility Visa Scheme 2022 for Indians - UK Opens its doors to Young Indian citizens

India and UK have recently launched Youth Mobility Visa Scheme for Indian and UK citizens. Through this visa scheme, Young talented professionals from both countries can come in each other country in order to work, live and explore the culture. This Youth mobility visa scheme was earlier valid for other countries like Korea, Hongkong, Australia and the US, etc. but this is the first time any such scheme is launched for Indian immigrants for UK land.

As this scheme is for young professionals age ranged between 18 to 30 years, the Youth Mobility Scheme Visa also known as Young Professional Scheme. This falls under Tier 5 visa. This will allow professional exchange, cultural exchange and moreover will upskill the young talent.

How to apply UK Youth Mobility Visa for Indians

Do you want to live and work in the UK for up to 2 years? From 1 January 2022, Icelandic and Indian nationals will become eligible to apply.

Our senior member, Mr. Arnab Sen talks about this new UK Visa and its requirements in a recent interview.

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Youth Mobility Visa UK eligibility

  • The age of applicant should fall between 18-30 years. As this visa is valid for 2 years, those immigrants who become 31 during their visa validity period, can stay there till the visa does not get expired. They need not to return back their home country immediately after they turn 31.
  • Should have approximately £2,530 (i.e., approx. 2 lacs INR) in available funds in their bank account.
  • Academic Qualification: Must have a diploma/degree with at least 3 years higher education corresponding to the qualification required for the employment on offer/ 3 years work experience
  • Should be tested Tb -ve. From the clinics listed on the website.
  • Should have no criminal record
  • Should have 3 years of professional experience

Proficient in language for the country you are going in so that you can communicate there.

Required documents for UK Young mobility Visa

  • Valid Passport
  • No Criminal Record Certificate
  • All Academic documents
  • Work Experience proofs
  •  Bank Statement showing at least £2,530 (i.e., approx. 2 lacs INR) in their bank account along with the valid proof of the source of income.
  • Proof of English Proficiency for Indian and UK citizens.

Youth Mobility Visa Scheme Fee

  • The cost of application is ~£244 which equal ~25k INR.
  • healthcare surcharge, which is usually £470 per year.

When to apply for Young Mobility Visa Scheme

Ballots typically open twice a year in January and July and are open for 48 hours. The application may take approximately 3 weeks to get final approval. You are suggested to apply six months prior you are willing to come as its intermediate steps like document verification, Interview, Documentation compilation may take more time than usual.

How Young Mobility Scheme is better than other Visa categories?

  • No sponsorship is required

How to apply for Young mobility Visa UK?

  • To apply for Young Mobility Visa 2022 for Indians there is no need of any third party. You can directly apply through the govt. website online. Click here
  • Pay the health surcharge
  • Give proof of your identity along with other above written required documents.
  • Get your biometric done either via app or by visiting the visa application centre.
  • You may call for an Interview

Then, you’ll usually get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks.

Limitations of Young Mobility Visa Scheme

  • Only 3000 applications will be shortlisted per year
  • Visa will be valid only for 2 years if you don’t switch yourself to another visa category as per the said rules. This will not lead to your final settlement in UK.
  • However, it may be possible that this youth mobility scheme may give you an entry in UK which can be turn out as a great opportunity to land on UK land in order to understand people, professional culture and living atmosphere. After which you can plan your future career and decide what is best for you.
  • You cannot get public funds which are given to Permanent residents of UK.
  • You cannot bring in family members on your application. They must apply separately.
  • You cannot work as a professional sportsperson (for example as a coach)
  • If you have children who are dependent on you before the age of 18, you cannot bring them with you.

Pro Tip for those who are willing to apply under this Tier 5 Visa

  • Upskill yourself and get master in it to the next level so that you can win over others.
  • Get knowledge of British culture so that it would be easier for you to adapt yourself on UK land amongst UK people.
  • Youth Mobility Visa UK from India start date is 16 January. You can apply after 16 January if you plan to travel on 15 July.  The first Indian ballet will go from Jan 2022. If you have any query, you may contact at They are partnered with experts who are in UK and are well skilled with the formalities required in order to get a visa successfully.