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If any of your family members who are in blood relation, spouse or any dependent wants to come to you for a specific time period then you would be needed a family UK.

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When do we need a family visa?

To reside with a family member within the UK for more than six months, a family visa is required.

You could apply for a family-based visa to reside with your family members:

  • The spouse or partner
  • The fiancé of a proposed civil partner
  • Parent
  • Child
  • Guardian

How much does Family visa for UK costs?

Cost of family visa depends on how you apply it, inside the UK or outside the UK.

Family member Apply outside the UK Apply in the UK
Cost of joining partner, parent or child £1,523 £1,033
Cost for each dependant added to your application £1,523 each person £1,033 each person
Cost for an adult who needs to be looked after by a relative £3,250 £1,033

How to apply for Family Visa in UK?

  • All the visa applications are applied online.
  • Visit to the Jskilz and send an enquiry in order to get proper knowledge about the family visa route to UK. Otherwise, you can also apply by any authorized site for the same.
  • Fill the application form and submit the fees.
  • Gather all documents needed, as per details given below.
  • Schedule your interview
  • Appear for the interview and biometric.
  • Keep your eyes on your family visa approval status.

How much time does Family visa application takes?

For UK outsiders- the decision will typically be given in 12 working days of the date of application if you apply using the standard process If you are applying within the UK, the decision will typically be given within 8 weeks of the date of application if you apply using the standard process. If you choose to use Super Priority, a decision will be taken:

  • Until the close of the following working day following the submission of the biometric details at the end of the day, if the appointment falls on the weekday.
  • Two working days after you have provided your biometric details when your appointment falls on the weekend

The hours of work are from Monday through Friday, but not counting bank holidays.

What is the list of documents needed for family visa?

1. Passport

Passports are a form of identification that is required for the purpose of travel abroad. The passport is issued by authorities of the country in order to confirm the nationality and identity of the person applying for it.

  • It should contain at least two blank pages in order to be eligible to stamp the stamp of the visa.
  • It has to be original and authentic.
  • The validity period must be at least 6 months before the period of the stay.
  • It is not to be damaged, cut, or split in any way.

It is not possible to cross international borders without a passport. It is considered to be a criminal violation if not done so.

2. Old passport

A passport with a lapse in validity is a passport that is expired or is stamped. When processing visas the applicant must verify the history of travel for the person applying.

  • If possible, the previous passport should also be submitted in accordance with the specified criteria.
  • If any traveller is carrying a passport that is not current the passport must be presented along with the latest passport. It must be authentic and in good order for access to the information required.
  • If you don't have the original passport without the old passport, you will not be able to get a visa stamp. Consultation with a professional for visas is highly recommended.

3. Photo

  • The 2 photographs with white background must be submitted according to the specifications.
  • The hair should be tied back in a way that the face is evident.
  • One should not wear glasses until necessary in the photo.
  • The ears need to be easily visible.
  • It is important to take with care to ensure that your teeth don't show on the picture.
  • It should completely cover the frame's face for at least 80% in the frames.
  • It must be of the correct dimension with dimensions of 35x45mm (length 45mm, breadth 35mm).
  • It has to be a recent photo.

4. Air Ticket

Should have valid Air Ticket

A ticket for air travel reveals the route you travelled on and confirms your return to your home country

5. Covering letter from applicant

The letter of cover provided by the applicant for the visa must be acceptable in light of the guidelines below.

  • It should also include additional information in accordance with the request of the Consular.
  • The application must include the accommodation information of the applicant.
  • The person to be mentioned must be the one who will bear the entire cost of the journey, if traveling alone.
  • It must also specify the traveller’s relation to the other traveller’s if they're not traveling on their own.
  • It should clearly state the reason for travel.
  • The dates of travel as stated in your invitation or purchased flight tickets.
  • The passport must contain all details required for the passport.

6. Bank Statement

Bank statement Bank Statement is an legally binding document that must be authentic and must be stamped with the bank's signature on each page.

7. Income Tax return

The evidence of income tax returns must conform to the specifications.

  • The tax returns for income should be accompanied by an ITR-V for the last three years.
  • It should be accompanied by an authentic document proof of the tax payment.

It is impossible to be allowed to leave the nation if they don't have the proper proof of payment for taxes. A professional visa consultation is highly advised.

8. Invitation Letter from family/friend

The invitation letter submitted must be in line with the following guidelines

  • It should be presented as evidence of the reason for your visiting and the proof of accommodation in case you aren't staying in the hotel.
  • The address should be to the diplomatic representative of the country.
  • The document should also include the details of the applicant as stated in the passport, as well as the purpose of travel, the duration of stay, dates for travel as well as the relationship to the person inviting them.
  • The invitation should include details, such as contact information, details about the profession passport status, citizenship and visa document.
  • It should state who will be responsible for the cost of the trip.

A letter of invitation from a relative or friend you're visiting is necessary to confirm the authenticity of your visit or to prove that you have been accommodated.

9. Visa/Resident Permit copy of Invitee

  • The application should be made according to the guidelines below.
  • It should be legal
  • It should be legally valid
  • The invitation must be received at the time the invitee is abroad with a permit to reside.

If the visa permit document of the invitee isn't supplied, the person applying will not be permitted to visit the country with the intention of visiting friends.

10. Passport copy of invitee

11. Address proof of Invitee

It is a crucial document and it must be presented to the authority for the stated reason. It should be presented as proof of address for the invitee and proof of your accommodation if you're not staying in a hotel. It could be presented in various forms like utility bills, gas bill, lease or leave contract, power bill water bill, etc.

The proof of address for the person inviting is essential to correct the evidence of accommodation given.

What is the General processing time for UK family visa?

The processing time of the UK family Visa is generally 15 working days or 3 weeks.

If you still have any doubt with the family visa and wants assistance you can contact directly at Jskilz visas. It has a team of skilled and experienced trust worthy UK Visa Agents to help you at every single step. They provide you one to one communication and will assign a person whom you can contact freely at every intermediate step way to UK.

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Below are some of the frequently asked questions which might be your questions too. Read below or send us your any query or doubt, Our experts will answer all visa-related doubts to your satisfaction.

If someone wants to reside in the UK along with the family member who is already in UK, then he has to apply for UK family visa.

A family visa works in case of A spouse, partner or close relative of a British citizen or settled person already in UK or A dependant spouse, partner or close relative of a person who has valid entry clearance in the UK.

A general stay time duration is 6 months likewise for fiancé or girlfriend, boyfriend. But in some special case 9 months and 2 years in the staying time

Yes, if you have someone in the UK close to you then you have to prove it by the documents and covering letter. Then after, you can apply for the family visa.

When you have indefinite leave to remain in the UK or are a British Citizen, you can bring your siblings to the country.

Yes, in case they require your help or daily care, you can bring your mother with you.

If the family member coming to the UK is from outside the EU/ EEA, and the UK settled uncle wish to come here for a holiday, then they can be sponsored for that purpose.

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