Exceptional talented candidates can get a chance to settle in the UK through global talent visa. You just have to receive an endorsement from a recognised endorsement body through a UK Home Office application.

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What is a global Talent Visa?

UK Global Talent Visa is also known as UK Exceptional Talent Visa. Last year, in 2020, February, the Tier 1 Exceptional visa was renamed as Global Talent Visa. This is a new route to UK which helps in the settlement for 3 years to talented immigrants while 5 years to promising candidates.

We, at Jskilz Visas have collaborating partners in UK, who has legal expertise to get things done successfully and they have such a great experience which minimizes the chances of rejection. You can entrust the fact that Jskilz experts’ breath in and out lots of global talent visa applications daily and thus now are aware of each and every small or big point which leads to rejection and thus corrects them prior to the application submission.

How to apply for Global Talent Visa?

  • Before applying for the UK exceptional talent visa, the candidates must receive an endorsement from a recognised endorsement body through a UK Home Office application.
  • Go through the eligibility criteria listed below.
  • Fill the application of UK Visa online. Gather all the documents
  • Book an appointment in the Visa Centre.
  • Visit on scheduled interview date, get checked all the documents and get biometric done.

How to extend your Global Talent visa?

Global Talent visa holders can apply for an extension if:

  • The organisation that endorsed you hasn’t withdrawn its approval
  • You have made milestones in your field of expertise during your period of leave in the UK.

Please make sure that you will have to apply for an extension before your current visa get expired

What documents will you need to provide for a full peer review endorsement?

An individual applying for full peer review endorsement must provide the following:

  • Detailed informative CV with academic and career information
  • A letter of personal recommendation from a UK based eminent personality to support their Global Talent Application which includes:
    • How the author is connected to the applicant
    • The applicant’s achievements and glories in the relevant field
    • How the author considers and concludes the applicant shows exceptional talent or promise
    • The contribution of the applicant that he/she would make to UK research excellence and wider society

What are the documents needed for UK Global Talent Visa?

1. Passport

Passports are a form of identification that is required for the purpose of travel abroad. The passport is issued by authorities of the country in order to confirm the nationality and identity of the person applying for it.

  • It should contain at least two blank pages in order to be eligible to stamp the stamp of the visa.
  • It has to be original and authentic.
  • The validity period must be at least 6 months before the period of the stay.
  • It is not to be damaged, cut, or split in any way.

It is not possible to cross international borders without a passport. It is considered to be a criminal violation if not done so.

2. Old passport

A passport with a lapse in validity is a passport that is expired or is stamped. When processing visas the applicant must verify the history of travel for the person applying. If possible, the previous passport should also be submitted in accordance with the specified criteria. If any traveller is carrying a passport that is not current the passport must be presented along with the latest passport.

If you don't have the original passport without the old passport, you will not be able to get a visa stamp. Consultation with a professional for visas is highly recommended.

3. Photo

Two photographs are needed with white background, with clear face visibility. Eyes should not wear glasses.

4. Air Ticket

Valid Air ticket is needed.

5. Medical Test Report

A medical test report is needed containing Tuberculosis testing results. This is applied for those who are native from tuberculosis prone country or from the country in which you have to take the test.

6. Endorsement Letter

7. Pay the fee for the health insurance surcharge to immigrants and also the application fee

Name Global Talent Visa Endorsing body

  • Arts Council England (This is for the artist visa UK)
  • Tech Nation (This is for the tech nation global talent visa)
  • Royal Academy of Engineering
  • British Academy (This is for the British academy global talent visa)
  • K. Research and Innovation (UKRI)
  • Royal Society (This is for the royal society global talent visa)

How much is the Global Talent Visa Fees?

A sum of £700 as the application fee, is to be paid by both the two and three-year Graduate route applicants. a sum of £624 as Immigration Health Surcharge per year is also mandatory for the applicants to pay. Both are amounts are to be paid as the sums for Global Talent Visa Fees.

How we can help you?

We at Jskilz Visas, help our esteemed talented clients who are willing to apply in UK Global Talent Visa Category by their visa application process at each step.

As, we already discussed the fact that in order to apply for UK Global talent visa one must carry approval from endorsing body, our first challenge is to approach them. At Jskilz Visas our specialists based in India and our partners based in UK both help you in endorsement letter in following intermediate steps.

  • Documentation Requirements for Endorsements
  • Assessing the endorsing documentation
  • Improvement in Professional Profiles
  • Introduction to Expert Immigration Advice
  • Make better Linked-In Profile
  • Guidance on Endorsement Submission
  • Submission of Visa Application

We strongly believe that the Global Talent Visa application is not just the application but moreover it’s a dream, it’s a future and for someone it’s a matter of their life. This is why we strongly recommend you to consult and take proper guidance before applying for the job application itself.

You can contact directly at Jskilz Visas. It has a team of skilled and experienced trust worthy UK Visa Agents to help you at every single step. They provide you one to one communication and will assign a person whom you can contact freely at every intermediate step way to UK.

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