This visa is for rich individuals who have a higher net worth and can invest a handsome amount of £2,000,000 in the UK. Although, by this you can avail lots of benefits besides getting PR in the UK. To know, more about this special kind of visa, experts’ assistance is always advisable who has entertained many others in their past experience.

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UK Investor Visa

By investor visa, you can be a resident of UK. Investor Visa is a Tier 1 visa. You must commit for a significant amount of money to get investor visa. This category of visa is specifically created for those which owns a high net worth and are upper middle-class individuals. By investing a significant amount in UK, they solve their purpose of obtaining the UK residency.

Eligibility Criteria for UK Investor Visa

  • As it is an investor visa, it requires a huge amount of investment in UK. Minimum amount of investment is £2,000,000 in UK
  • You would be needed to proof that you are the sole owner of this amount or this amount belongs to you.
  • In order to use the fund, you would be needed to open a bank account in UK bank
  • Your age must be above 18 while applying for the visa application.

Documents required for UK Investor Visa

  • Current Valid Passport. In case, your old passport is full and you have a new passport, you are requested to bring your old passport also.
  • If you are from the TB listed country, you have to take your tuberculosis test.
  • A criminal record certificate from your own country.
  • Photograph showing your proper face image.
  • Your Income proof and proof showing that the amount you are investing belongs to you.
  • Evidence of your bank account based in UK. You would be asked to provide a letter which
    • Is issued by an authorized official
    • The letter should not be more than 3 months old of your application.
    • Contain your name and account number
    • Confirm that the bank is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Process for Investor Visa in UK

  • Tier 1, Investor Visa is applied online. If in case you face any type of difficulty in filling the application form or if you have any query regarding the same you can send a direct query at Jskilz Visas, a visa consulting agency has expertise in Investor Visa application process.
  • You have to visit visa application center in order to have your fingerprints done and photograph taken.
  • Keep a check on visa approval status. If your all documents are found alright you will get the approval of within 3 weeks.

How do I check UK Investor Visa status?

You will need to wait for 1-3 weeks after completing your investor visa application. The time duration varies upon number of reasons including the accuracy of documents you have submitted. Via SMS or email the mode you chose; you receive the status of your visa application. You will be able to keep track of the status with your GWF application number by entering it into the courier's website

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Below are some of the frequently asked questions which might be your questions too. Read below or send us your any query or doubt, Our experts will answer all visa-related doubts to your satisfaction.

Investment visa is a Tier 1 visa. If you want UK residency you have to make a certain amount of investment in UK minimum 1 million along with the valid proof of documents in order to be eligible for Investor or investment visa.

  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Should be currently living in UK
  • Must meet English Proficiency Requirements
  • Your character should be good.

Yes, it is easy to get PR in UK. You just need to prove your stable income along with a full-time job and good moral conduct.

If you have been living in UK for more than 5 years of working, you can apply for the “Indefinite leave to remain” (ILR). ILR gives the opportunity to become a permanent resident of UK.

Till date, there is no legal restriction to buy property in UK for UK outsiders.

Both the countries are good and are popular for its world class universities. Cost of living is comparatively lower in Canada than UK. If you as a student has 3 years Bachelor’s degree in UK you will be accepted by the universities while it is opposite in case of the Canadian universities. It usually accepts 4 years of Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc, BCom).

Minimum investment of £2 million is needed in order to get temporary visa in UK.

“Golden visas allow wealthy, individuals to buy the right to live in the UK if they invest in UK-registered companies.

The visa fee of Tier 1 Investment visa is £1,623. The same fee is charged if you're applying as a family member if you're extending or switching visas.

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